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10 Twitter Accounts Every Golf Fan Should Follow


Twitter is a powerful medium in today's sports landscape, and golf is no exception. Golfers, and the journalists who cover them, have taken to Twitter to freely share their wit, their insights, their gripes, their expectations and their dinner plans and workout regimens.

As the Ryder Cup kicks off Sept. 28, be sure to add these timelines to your follow list. You'll notice that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are missing; Tiger's tweets are kinda bland, and Lefty's not on Twitter. They both would be well served to emulate these 10 master Tweeters.

@Luke Donald
The former World No. 1 recently learned that social media has a dark side when he took to Twitter to rip the TPC Boston redesign during the Deutsche Bank Championship. He followed that rant with another tweet calling designer Gil Hanse a word that, in polite company, is reserved for a rooster. Apparently, he had intended the tweets to be private messages. The first offending tweet is displayed here; the second isn't fit for our family website. Luke backpedaled and apologized; don't hold his mistake against him. He's worth a follow.

Paula Creamer's just so dang adorable. Her current avatar features her snuggling with her impossibly cute puppy; just having that pop up on your feed brightens your day and makes her worth a follow. Paula freely shares her on-course struggles and successes. We're hoping for more of the latter.

Sobel recently took his talents from ESPN to Golf Channel. He's a master tweeter who drops one witty bon mot after another, many of them straight from the course.

Cink's game has suffered lately, but his Tweeting hasn't. This summer, he offered this gem: "Our cat has chlamydia. There goes the reputation." Here's another:

Dustin Johnson's a big fan of the exclamation point. I'm a big fan of Dustin Johnson, so I can forgive his overuse of punctuation. His enthusiasm is infectious.

The name says it all. David Feherty doesn't take himself seriously, and that lack of seriousness makes him perfect for Twitter. Golf's clown prince describes his Golf Channel show as "interesting, yet oddly moronic." Kinda captures the man himself, and his Twitter timeline.

They don't come much more confident than Poulter. In fact, if you're an American looking for a villain to root against in the Ryder Cup, he's your guy. He's heading to Medinah to chew bubble gum and kick butt, and he's all out of bubble gum.

What you see with Bubba is what you get. The guy wears his heart on his sleeve, whether he's on the Letterman Show, at The Masters or on Twitter. He's apt to share Biblical passages that mark milestones in his spiritual journey, so if you're not into that, he might not be for you. Otherwise, dive in. Almost 700,000 other people have.

The kid's getting the hang of this media thing. This week, he killed it on Jimmy Fallon, proving that he's getting more and more comfortable as the face of golf. Some of his 1.3 million Twitter followers may be looking for Caroline Wozniacki updates and photos — she's one of golf's better WAGs — but they get a lot more than that.

Golf's rotund everyman in the insanely loud and hideous slacks has mounted a serious comeback from drunkeness and general disgrace, and he's chronicling his journey back to respectability on Twitter. We're rooting for ya, John.

I don't always tweet about golf, but if you'd like to add me, I'm @AthlonDoster.