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Billy Horschel Golf Tip: Long and Straight


Reigning FedExCup champion Billy Horschel has worked his way onto the short list of players to watch in the 2015 major championships. He’s also a viable candidate to do something no one else has done — successfully defend the FedExCup. In the pages of Athlon's 2015 Golf Annual, Horschel shares the tee-to-green points of emphasis that he and respected instructor Todd Anderson have focused on during his ascension to the top 15 in the World Golf Ranking.

Long and Straight

by Billy Horschel

With a lot of amateurs, even when they have good width in their backswing, they lose it by having the right arm come in too close to the body. They lose all the stored power they have. When you maintain the width on your downswing that you had on your backswing, it allows you to create that same power (above). When your hands come closer to your body, you lose that width in your right arm (below), and it becomes a handsy golf swing.

However far away your hands are on the backswing, maintain that same distance with the hands. That way, the right arm stays long, and you create that stored power to unleash on the golf ball.