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Billy Horschel Best Golf Tip: Balance of Power


Reigning FedExCup champion Billy Horschel has worked his way onto the short list of players to watch in the 2015 major championships. He’s also a viable candidate to do something no one else has done — successfully defend the FedExCup. In the pages of Athlon's 2015 Golf Annual, Horschel shares the tee-to-green points of emphasis that he and respected instructor Todd Anderson have focused on during his ascension to the top 15 in the World Golf Ranking.

Balance of Power

by Billy Horschel

To get the most out of your golf swing and feel the most powerful with it, you want to make sure you're balanced in your setup. You don't want to be too much on your left foot, because then when you turn, you turn around on your left side. With a driver, you want to feel like there's more weight on your right side — maybe 60-40, or 65-35. That allows you to feel like you're loading power into your right hip. From there, I try to feel like my left hip moves towards the target, while my upper half and my left shoulder stay closed.

With amateurs, when they get up to the top, the left shoulder and left hip move forward at the same time. To create power, you want to create a coil, or some resistance — more of a rubber band effect, where you stretch the rubber band even more in your left lat.

So when I get up to the top, I want my left hip to go toward the target while my left shoulder stays back behind the golf ball. From there, the left hip unwinds, and the upper body follows. The club feels more like a whip, following behind everything else.

Todd Anderson's Keys

• Load into your right hip on the backswing (above) to create coil between your upper body and lower body, keeping the right elbow in front of the chest on the backswing

• Unwind from the ground up and release the energy into the ball