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ESPN's Mark Schlereth Uses Jordan Spieth Collapse to Call Out Cam Newton


Jordan Spieth had a pretty bad collapse during the 2016 Masters and everyone noticed, but it was what happened after the loss that some people seemed to want to talk about.

ESPN's Mark Schlereth wasn't going to let a chance go by without bringing up Cam Newton and the infamous Super Bowl press conference... from February. Yes, it was a while ago but evidently it's all Schlereth thinks about. 

Schlereth then went on a mini-rant to defend himself, which is never a good idea because he's been accused of not liking Newton in the past.

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No one can deny Schlereth was a good player in his day, but the arrogance of saying "he should respect men like me" is the kind of thing that makes people not like him. Well, that and the "know-it-all" attitude he displays on ESPN daily.