Golf Lesson: Bunker Play with Dustin Johnson

DJ Shares His 5-Step Approach to Escaping the Sand

Dustin Johnson hopes to avoid the bunkers at TPC Sawgrass this week, but if he finds one, he has a simple five-step plan of attack for getting out. As DJ returns to action at this week's Players Championship, we caught up with him to get his simple approach to bunker play.


Here's my five-step approach in the bunker:


1. Open the club, so that the face is wide open.


2. I'm going to make a cut swing, so I set up square to the target then drop my left foot back.


3. Then, you kind of swing down your feet line so you come up a little higher and softer. I'm always aiming left, and the cut swing propels the ball toward the target.


4. You want a real stable base. I usually dig my feet down a little bit deeper than some players, with a little wider stance.


5. I always want to keep my weight toward my left foot, forward, so I'm not falling backwards with the ball in the air.

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