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Golfers Hitting Fans Video Compilation


Golfers Hitting Spectators

Anthony Kim was close to the hole. (Just the wrong hole.)

Sergio Garcia Hits A Photographer

Sergio hates photographers. Or at least he hates photographer's heads by the sound of it.

Charles Barkley Hits A Spectator

If you've ever seen Charles Barkley's swing, you would know that standing within 200 yards of him is a dangerous place to stand.

Tiger Hits A Guy In A Red Hat

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Tiger tees off and then boom! The guy in the red hat didn't see it coming. Sniper!

Bubba Hits A Fan

This is why I would never attend a pro-am golf tournament. (Side note: The woman off-camera really seemed to enjoy watching someone almost get killed by Bubba's golf ball.)

Stewart Cink Draws Blood

The best part of these video is the quiet, hushed tones of the golf commentators broken up by the loud, "Oooh!" Gets me every time. And then he mentions how the players hate when that happens. You also know who else hates when that happens? The guy with blood running down his face because he just got hit in the head with a golf ball.

Woman Takes One For The Team

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! I mean, down goes the lady! Down goes the lady!

Putt Putt Knockout

This one is probably fake since there's an ad at the end, but that only makes it OK to laugh.