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Most PGA Tour Wins

Most PGA Tour Wins

Most PGA Tour Wins

The PGA Tour is home to the world's best golfers and has been since its creation in 1929. So to win one tournament is a major accomplishment, let alone win 82 like golf legend Sam Snead did, starting with his first win at the 1936 West Virginia Closed Pro. On top of that, he also won seven Majors. But for modern-day golfers, few compare to the revitalized Tiger Woods, who has tied Snead atop the list in October 2019 with his victory in the Zozo Championship in Japan and who Athlon Sports has ranked the No. 1 golfer of all-time. Here's a look at the top 25 golfers on the all-time PGA Tour wins list, along with their number of wins at Majors.


T-1. Sam Snead, 82 wins (7 Major wins)

If winning is the standard for determining excellence, there is no greater player in golf history than Sam Snead. Using a smooth, syrupy swing that looked as natural and effortless as breathing, Slammin’ Sammy won more golf tournaments than any other player — a staggering total of 82 PGA Tour titles, and anywhere from 135 to 165 victories worldwide, depending on whom you ask. He posted wins in four different decades, from the 1936 West Virginia Closed Pro to the 1965 Greater Greensboro Open (his eighth title in that event), when he was 52 years old.

T-1. Tiger Woods, 82 wins (15 Major wins)

He's been the most dominant player of his generation: 15 major championships, 82 PGA Tour wins, the lowest career scoring average in PGA Tour history, 10 Player of the Year awards, and, yes, scandal and disgrace. But the impact and the level of achievement are undeniable and unprecedented. Quite simply, at his best, Woods has played the game better than it's ever been played.

3. Jack Nicklaus, 73 wins (18 Major wins)

Nicklaus brought out greatness in his opponents — Palmer, Player, Watson, Trevino. But more importantly, he made golf a greater game through his physical skill and strength, his mental toughness, his sustained level of excellence and his genius for strategically dismantling golf courses around the world.

4. Ben Hogan, 64 wins (9 Major wins)

Brooding, temperamental, focused — Ben Hogan was not a charismatic figure who rallied the masses to follow the game a la Arnold Palmer. Instead, he was all about golf shots. The Hawk remains the greatest shotmaker golf has ever produced.

5. Arnold Palmer, 62 wins (7 Major wins)

There have been better players with prettier swings. But there has never been a more important golfer than the King, Arnold Palmer. He quadrupled purses, brought golf away from the country clubs and into our living rooms, and assembled an Army of devoted followers. He won — and lost — with more flair than any other athlete.

6. Byron Nelson, 52 wins (5 Major wins)

For a few months in 1945, Byron Nelson played better than anyone ever has. That year, Lord Byron won 11 tournaments in a row, including the PGA Championship.

7. Billy Casper, 51 wins (3 Major wins)

The Big Three — Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player — dominated the golf headlines in the 1960s, but the unassuming Casper was as good as anybody in his era.

T-8. Walter Hagen, 45 wins (11 Major wins)

The flamboyant Hagen was the first ultra-successful touring pro and raised the stature of the lowly pro golfer substantially in an era when amateurs like Bobby Jones ruled the sport.

T-8. Phil Mickelson, 45 wins (6 Major wins)

Tagged from the beginning as the Next Nicklaus, Mickelson has always lived with massive expectations, some of them self-imposed, and Phil's failures are almost as celebrated as his many successes. His victory at the 2021 PGA Championship was not only the sixth major title of his career, at 50 years old, it also made him the oldest to win one in golf history.

10. Cary Middlecoff, 40 wins (3 Major wins)

Often remembered for his slow play, his temper and his nickname, Doc, which he earned for being a dentist (leaving the occupation at age 26 to join the Tour). What he should be remembered as is one of the few players ever to master the game young and then never lose his grip on it.

T-11. Gene Sarazen, 39 wins (7 Major wins)

T-11. Tom Watson, 39 wins (8 Major wins)

13. Lloyd Mangrum, 36 wins (1 Major win)

14. Vijay Singh, 34 wins (3 Major wins)

15. Horton Smith, 32 wins (2 Major wins)

T-16. Harry Cooper, 31 wins (No Major wins)

T-16. Jimmy Demaret, 31 wins (3 Major wins)

18. Leo Diegel, 30 wins (2 Major wins)

T-19. Gene Littler, 29 wins (1 Major win)

T-19. Paul Runyan, 29 wins (2 Major wins)

T-19. Lee Trevino, 29 wins (6 Major wins)

22. Henry Picard, 26 wins (2 Major wins)

T-23. Tommy Armour, 25 wins (3 Major wins)

T-23. Johnny Miller, 25 wins (2 Major wins)

25. Gary Player, 24 wins (9 Major wins)