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Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods: Head-to-Head


On Thursday, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will be staging a head-to-head duel at the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final with a spot in the final four of this unique medal match play eight-man bracket on the line. Let's hope it's one of many as this budding bromance blossoms into a full-fledged rivalry.

Never mind the fact that Charl Schwartzel beat Woods and McIlroy, the top two players in the world golf ranking, back to back in this Turkish money grab. No, for the good of the game, we need to root for a Tiger-Rory rivalry to take root and take the game to unprecedented heights.

For more than a decade, golf fans were secure in the knowledge that Woods ruled their sport. Sure, Phil Mickelson was a useful foil for Tiger, and every now and then a Vijay Singh or Padraig Harrington would assert himself before slinking back into the woodwork. But Woods was the Man. Even after the Thanksgiving thunderbolt that derailed the Woods train, we all expected Tiger to resume his rule at any time.

But now that we've reached four years and counting with Tiger stuck on 14 majors, I think we're free to reassess. Now that the Woods era seems to be truly on the wane, it's time to anoint a new king. Science tells us that nature hates a vacuum, and after two eight-shot wins in majors in the last 14 months,  McIlroy looks ready to fill the void at the top of golf. And more than that, Rory looks likes he could be the kind of historic force in the game that Woods was. The proof comes when you compare the two at similar points in their careers.

Let's look at the Tiger vs. Rory tale of the tape through their age-23 seasons — Woods through 1999, Rory through the 2012 Ryder Cup. Rory's record is impressive, but Woods was already dominating the PGA Tour at a similar stage, and he reached his apex the following season, giving 2013 extra meaning for Rory in his effort to match Woods' career trajectory.
Edge to Tiger — for now.


TIGER (age 23)    RORY
Major championships won               2                           2
Combined margin of victory           13                         16
Major top 5s                                     4                           5
Major top 10s                                   7                           6
PGA Tour wins                               11                          4
Worldwide wins                              13                          6
Scoring avg. (PGA Tour)            69.10 (1997)        70.35 (2010)
                                                     69.21 (1998)        69.48 (2011)
                                                     68.43 (1999)        68.73 (2012)
Ryder Cup record                          3-6-1                   4-3-2