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Tiger Woods' Achilles Heel?


The golf world is breathlessly awaiting news this morning about the health of Tiger Woods, last seen limping into a golf cart after his tee shot on the 12th hole at Doral's Blue Monster. Tiger's re-emergence was only one storyline of what has been a compelling 2012 PGA Tour season, but it was a big one. The Tour needs a healthy, competitive Tiger, a player who stirs emotion - both positive and negative - and draws in casual fans in a way that the Rory McIlroys of the world simply cannot.

But let's face it - Tiger is 36, and it's an old 36. Years of strenuous workouts, not to mention the inhuman level of torque and twisting that he's put his body through in transforming golf into a power game, have taken a significant toll. What once seemed a leisurely stroll to 19 majors and the all-time record has become a death march. 

So, as we await word on what is being called a left Achilles injury by the Woods camp, it's worth chronicling what is becoming an extensive injury history for Tiger. Here are the various and sundry body parts that have been tweaked, treated or dinged during Tiger's career:

Left Knee/Leg
2011 - Sprain of medial collateral ligaments in left knee and minor strain of his left Achilles.
June 2008 - “As far as the procedure, it was an ACL reconstruction of my left knee. They did take a graft, basically a tendon out of my right hamstring, and implemented it into my left knee and made it into my new ACL; and they fixed a little bit of cartilage damage I had in there.” — Woods, who fought through an injured ACL and a stress fracture of his left tibia to win the 2008 U.S. Open
April 2008 - Surgery so secret even Tiger’s swing coach Hank Haney didn’t know until after the fact. Widespread speculation that the injury occurred during a fist-pumping celebration in the ’07 PGA Championship at Southern Hills.
December 2002 - Fluid from around ACL drained, Benign cyst removed
1994 - Benign tumor removed


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