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Tiger Woods' Greatest Recovery Shots


Around the Trees

On Thursday at the Honda Classic, Tiger Woods had to disrobe from the shins down, wade into ankle-deep water and execute a shot that very few would likely attempt. It resulted in a par, and it also prompted us to think about some of the other great escapes throughout Tiger's unparalleled career. Here is a small sample of some of the best.

Woods knows every nook and cranny of Augusta National, so he knows better than to be in this position on No. 15. No problem, though — he just pulls off the best hook shot this side of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Ugly but Effective

Tiger's follow-through contortions on this amazing recovery from the trees would pull every ribcage muscle belonging to a normal human. Just a day at the office for El Tigre.

Southpaw Swing

Tiger can make like Mickelson if he needs to. Here, he plays left-handed from the trees, turning trouble into a routine recovery.

Banana Hook

This is just sick. Anyone else would be scrambling to save par; for Tiger, it's a routine birdie.

Tree Trouble

Here, Tiger risks life and limb, sacrificing his club to get the ball back out in the fairway.


Seemingly dead in the woods, Tiger simply goes under some limbs, over some others and into birdie range on this epic iron shot.

The Great Escape

This is beyond ridiculous. From an impossible spot behind a tree, Tiger generates enough power on a half swing to propel the ball onto the green. He even saves the club.