D.J. Vanderwerf is an Amazing Three-Sport Athlete with a Prosthetic Leg

This kid has the heart of an athlete.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a quarterback. The main thing necessary is heart.


D.J. Vanderwerf has the heart of a champion and won't give up no matter what the odds are. The high school student plays basketball, baseball, and football for Sweetwater High School in Tennessee. Although there was doubt about him being able to play such a tough sport, Vanderwerf proved them all wrong.

"People doubted me at first, that I couldn't really do anything with my leg," Vanderwerf said. "The coaches had questions about my mobility, if my leg would stay on. You know, if I got hit, if I'd get hurt easily. If I'd hurt the other kids. Once I started played they realized that I can do anything that anybody else does."


Sports aren't the only thing on the young athletes mind. Vanderwerf has a long-term goal of helping others with disabilities. 


"I'd like to actually become a prosthetist, that's the person that makes the things that I wear," Vanderwerf said. "I expect to go to college. I'd like to play a sport in college, preferably football. But we'll see."

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