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High School Lacrosse Players Under Investigation For Killing Guinea Pig in "Team Bonding" Ritual


The Grosse Ile High School lacrosse team is making news for an incident that took place before a game.

A group of players killed a guinea pig in a "team bonding" pre-game ritual, and then proceeded to smear its blood on their bodies. All future games for the team have been suspended and at least 10 of the 18 members of the team are being questioned.

The Michigan community is in shock and say that no matter what punishment the school hands down it won't be enough, calling it "serial killer kind of stuff."

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The school's superintendent, Joanne Lelekatch provided Fox 2 Detroit with this statement:

"In cases involving these circumstances, out first priority is to ensure that law enforcement has access to the information it needs to conduct its investigation... Once law enforcement has completed its investigation, we will be in a position assess the facts and circumstances and, if necessary, apply our student or athletic handbooks."

For now, the case remains open.