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HS Football Players Charged With Hazing Freshman on 'No Gay Thursday'


Three seniors on the Conestoga High School (Penn.) football team have been charged for an October hazing incident involving a freshman.

According to the Associated Press, the students were charged as juveniles, all the age of 17, with "assault conspiracy, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats and other offenses." Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said the team has a tradition of "No Gay Thursday" where the incident took place. During the ritual, all "gay" activity is allowed, including violating the freshman with a broom handle. They allegedly "penetrated him with the broom handle while he screamed", according to Hogan.

The underclassman was told to strip to his boxers, but when he decided he didn't want to go along with it anymore and tried to leave the locker room, he was blocked. He was held down by the upperclassmen and attacked, according to the prosecutor.

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"The 14-year-old was arrogant about making the varsity team, and that rankled the older players," Hogan said. "It just happened to be a perfect storm of this 'No Gay Thursday' tradition and them not liking this freshman and taking it out on him in a pretty horrible way."

Hogan goes on to further explain the unorthodox tradition.

"'No Gay Thursdays' is a tradition the football team started about three or four years ago, in which behavior the team normally considered to be 'gay' was considered 'not gay' on Thursdays," Hogan continued. "Older players would come up behind younger players and put their genitals atop the younger players' heads, among other sexually explicit acts. 

The tradition got so bad that players either avoided the locker room on Thursdays or quit the team altogether.