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John Jay High School Coach Admits to Instructing Players to Hit Referee

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We now have a definitive answer in the case of two John Jay High School football players targeting a referee during a game.

The players involved in the incident recently said they were following the directions of a coach, Max Breed, and he was ultimately the one telling them the official needed to be "taught a lesson." Victor Rojas, 15, and Michael Moreno, 17, will spend 75 days in an alternative school and are banned from attending John Jay football games. They will be allowed to return to the school in time for the Jan. 15 semester. 

"I later met with Coach Breed at John Jay High School ... in my office in the presence of Coach Gutierrez," John Jay principal Robert Harris told ESPN. "Coach Breed told me that he directed the students to make the referee pay for his racial comments and calls. He wanted to take full responsibility for his actions. Mr. Breed at one point during our conversation stated that he should have handled the referee himself."

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From this point, everything football-related at John Jay is up in the air until the hearing. Breed could be banned from coaching football, and the school's program could be canceled for at least a season depending on the ruling.