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Lumberton High School Cheerleaders Defend 9/11 Tribute


Every year on September 11, the cheerleaders of Lumberton High School in Texas do a tribute cheer to those who lost their lives.

This year a video of said tribute surfaced, and some people aren't happy about it. The controversy started because the team used actual phone calls and broadcasts during the cheer.

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Seems innocent enough, right? Some were just beside themselves because the tribute was so touching.

Others felt the complete opposite, calling the video "cringe-worthy."

The team's cheer sponsor Lauren Sheffield defended the cheer, saying that it's just a way to honor the country and those who've fallen in the attacks.

"One of our cheerleaders, Rachel Richard, put it perfectly, 'This wasn't a way for us to show off. It was a way for us to use our skills in honor of our country,' Sheffield told E! Online. "One thing we have stressed to our girls, in light of this whirlwind of a weekend, is that with anything positive, there will always be people who have something negative to say. It is an unfortunate and hard lesson to learn; but it is very important that throughout life, they always focus on the positives and not let those things prevent them from doing what they love and making an impact on those around them."

Solid advice.