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Caddyshack Cast (1980) - Where are They Now?

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Caddyshack (1980) may not be the greatest sports movie ever made, but it is a timeless classic and arguably among the funniest golf movies ever made. Even 37 years after its initial release, Caddyshack is one of those rare treasures that you can turn on at this very moment and laugh just as hard as you did the first time you saw it, even if you hate golf or sports films. One of the reasons it holds up is because of its well-crafted dialogue that provides some of the most quoted lines in film history. And the movie would be nothing without its memorable cast of relatable characters to deliver those great lines. So, with that in mind, we decided to check up on some of Bushwood’s premier players and see exactly what they are up to today.

Chevy Chase - Ty Webb

Caddy - Chevy Chase

Chase launched his career as an original cast member of Saturday Night Live. He has gone on to have a wildly successful career as a comedic actor, appearing in colossal hits such as the Fletch and Vacation series. While Chase had already found success on the big screen with the 1978 film Foul Play, it was his role in Caddyshack as carefree Bushwood Country Club golf prodigy Ty Webb which would catapult a brilliant career as one of the great comedic actors of his generation.

The 72-year-old currently resides in the unassuming town of Bedford, N.Y., with his wife, Jayni. He continues to act, most recently reprising his role as Clark Griswold for a cameo appearance in the re-make of the original Vacation movie. Chase also recently had a recurring role on the critically-acclaimed television series Community from 2009-2014. He is currently in the process of filming a movie with Burt Reynolds titled Dog Years.

Bill Murray - Carl Spackler

Caddy - Bill Murray

For all of the great and memorable characters Bill Murray has played over the years, an ultra-eccentric greens keeper named Carl Spackler stands above them all. Prior to Caddyshack, Murray had already established himself in the industry from his days on Saturday Night Live and for his role as Tripper in the 1978 hit comedy Meatballs. He would go on to follow Caddyshack with a legendary career full of great films such as Stripes, Ghostbusters, What About Bob?, Scrooged, Groundhog Day and Kingpin to name a few. Murray has also excelled in stretching his comedic boundaries into more serious roles in recent years.

Currently, the 65-year-old Murray splits time between his homes in Los Angeles, New York, Massachusetts and South Carolina. As far as acting, Murray hasn’t slowed down one bit, recently making appearances in the HBO comedy Vice Principals, the re-make of Ghostbusters and lending his voice for the re-make of The Jungle Book as Baloo. He also has two more films currently in the works. Amongst his many endeveours, Murray is partners with his five brothers in a Caddyshack-themed restaurant in Florida and is part-owner of three minor league baseball teams.

Murray, who has become an ambassador for the sport, makes regular appearances at pro-am golf tournaments.

Ted Knight - Judge Elihu Smails

Caddy - Ted Knight

There are few actors in the history of comedy that could play the serious straight guy role better than Ted Knight. As a result, Knight won two Emmy Awards as Ted Baxter on the hit '70s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It also made Knight the ideal candidate to play the role of the uptight and pompous Judge Smails in Caddyshack, which would ultimately be his final movie role. Knight would go on to find success playing cartoonist Henry Rush on the popular '80s sitcom Too Close for Comfort. His unique and distinctive speaking voice also brought acclaim as a successful announcer, narrator and voice actor. Sadly, Knight passed away in 1986 at the age of 62 after a long battle with cancer.

Rodney Dangerfield – Al Czervik

Caddy - Rodney Dangerfield

Dangerfield is best known for his brand of crude, insulting and self-deprecating humor that launched an award-winning career as a stand-up comedian, helping coin his famous catchphrase “I don’t get no respect!” Dangerfield began acting in the late 1960s, but had only moderate success until his role as over-the-top real estate developer, Al Czervik, in Caddyshack. Following Caddyshack, Dangerfield continued a wildly successful career as a stand-up, making regular appearances on the late-night talk show circuit. He continued to find moderate success on the big screen as well, appearing in such films as Easy Money and Back to School. Dangerfield even branched out into a more dramatic role as an abusive father in the hit 1994 murder drama Natural Born Killers. In his final years, he maintained a steady career appearing in several guest roles and doing voice work for a handful of hit animated projects. Dangerfield sadly passed away in 2004 at the age of 82 due to complications from heart surgery. 

Michael O’Keefe – Danny Noonan

Caddy- Michael O'Keefe

O’Keefe’s role as the central character in Caddyshack may not have launched his career into super-stardom, but it has helped maintain a very long and successful run with more than 100 acting credits to his name. Prior to Caddyshack, O’Keefe appeared in guest roles on the hit television programs The Waltons and MASH. In 1993, he landed a recurring role on the hit ABC sitcom Roseanne. Since that time, O’Keefe has appeared in numerous guest roles on hit TV shows such as Law and Order, The West Wing, CSI, Saving Grace, Criminal Minds and House. Another interesting tidbit about O’Keefe is that he was married to rock and blues legend Bonnie Raitt from 1991-1999.

Far removed from his days as Danny Noonan, the 61-year-old currently resides in New York with his wife of five years, actress Emily Donahoe. He continues to act and can be seen most recently in recurring roles on Homeland and Sleepy Hollow. O’Keefe is also a practicing Zen Buddhist and an accomplished writer.

Scott Colomby – Tony D’Annunzio

Caddy- Scott Colomby

Colomby is probably best remembered for his role as cocky tough-guy Tony D’Annunzio in Caddyshack, serving as Danny Noonan’s chief rival in the film. In addition to numerous appearances on television over the years, Colomby is also well known for his role as Brian Schwartz in the sex comedy Porky’s trilogy. Today, the 63-year-old resides in the Los Angeles area where he continues to work in the entertainment industry, primarily as a sought after acting coach. He also enjoys playing drums on the weekends with his blues band.

Cindy Morgan – Lacey Underall

Caddy- Cindy Morgan

Morgan’s first major role in a film, playing sexy temptress Lacey Underall in Caddyshack, would ultimately prove to be her most famous role to date. She would go on to appear in several guest roles on hit TV shows such as CHiPs, The Love Boat, The Fall Guy, Matlock and The Larry Sanders Show. She also landed a key role in the 1982 computer-generated Sci-Fi thriller Tron, as well as a recurring role on the prime-time soap opera Falcon Crest.

Today, the 61-year-old actress resides in Florida, where she is very active in charitable works, primarily those that support the U.S. military. After a five-year hiatus from acting, Morgan has two upcoming projects listed on her IMDb page scheduled for release sometime in 2016. She is also in the process of writing a book about her experiences during the making of Caddyshack.

Sarah Holcomb – Maggie O’Hooligan

Caddy -Sarah holcomb

Holcomb is one of the more interesting alumni from Caddyshack. At age 18, she got her first big break appearing in the smash comedy National Lampoon’s Animal House as Clorette DePasto, the 13-year-old daughter of mayor Carmine DePasto and Pinto’s worst nightmare. She followed Animal House with appearances in two less successful films before ultimately landing her final role as Maggie in Caddyshack.

Following Caddyshack, Holcomb is said to have fallen in with a party-happy Hollywood crowd which enamored her with a lifestyle that was far beyond her tolerance. It is rumored that she ultimately left the bright lights of Hollywood due to serious battles with substance abuse and mental illness. Currently, the 57-year-old former actress is sort of a mystery. She is believed to reside somewhere in the New England area where she lives a quiet life, under an assumed name, with no desire to ever re-enter the limelight. It is also rumored that the 2004 film Stateside is based on aspects of her life. Hopefully, she is doing well in spite of her troubled past.

Brian Doyle-Murray – Lou Loomis

Caddy - Brian Doyle Murray

The older brother of Bill Murray has enjoyed a wide range of success in both the movie and TV industry. Not only is Doyle-Murray acknowledged for his popular role as no-nonsense caddie supervisor Lou Loomis in Caddyshack, he is celebrated as one of the film’s principal writers, along with the late Harold Ramis and Douglas Kenney. He is also well known for his supporting roles in such comedy blockbusters as Wayne’s World, Christmas Vacation and Groundhog Day.

Today, the 70-year-old Los Angeles area resident continues to add to his long list of credits. He most recently appeared in a guest role on the HBO program Veep, as well as the popular FX comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He also has a part in an upcoming comedy film titled Brand New Old Love, scheduled for release sometime in 2017. In addition, Doyle-Murray partners with his five younger brothers in a Caddyshack-themed restaurant located in the St. Augustine, Fla., area.

John F. Barmon Jr. – Spaulding Smails

Caddy- Spaulding

Barmon’s role in Caddyshack was not huge, but his remarkable chemistry with the late Ted Knight provided some of the most memorable and funny moments in the film. The ironic part is that Barmon never had aspirations of being in Caddyshack. He was simply an unassuming college student that literally fell into the role of Spaulding Smails by accident while accompanying an actor friend to visit the friend’s agent. Two weeks later, Barmon got a call from the agent, was offered the role, and the rest is cinematic history.

While he no longer continues the practice of puking into open sun roofs or eating his own boogers, he does have very fond memories of his short time as the bratty Spaulding Smails. Barmon chose not to continue his acting career following Caddyshack, and Spaulding remains his only credited acting role to date. Today, the 56-year-old resides in Cambridge, Mass., where he has worked as a top-selling real estate agent for the last 20 years.

— Written by Rob McVey, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Follow him on Twitter @Rob_UTVOLS