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Eat Like a Fan: Beef Jerky Taste-Off


Beef jerky is a snack for all occasions, whether you’re a crossbow-wielding deer hunter trying to stay camouflaged or a pencil-pushing desk jockey hoping to avoid hunger pains in a mid-afternoon meeting. With that in mind, we bit off as much as we could chew and found these to be our four favorite flavors of jerky.

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O Yeah!

“Great, middle of the road taste that satisfies.”

Oberto Original

The little voice in our stomach was quieted by this traditional style and classic flavor profile.

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Fire It Up

“Sweet, slightly smoky and surprisingly tender.”

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Ball Park Bourbon BBQ

A “new jerky experience” includes flame-grilled technique that improves the texture.

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Burn Bigfoot Burn

“So much burn. Guaranteed to make you sweat.”

Leave it to the crew that messes with Sasquatch to start a five-alarm flavor fire in our mouth.

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Be My Baby

“You can’t go wrong with Sweet Baby Ray’s.”

Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Chipotle

There’s no doubt about the sauce being the boss with this delicious sweet heat combination.