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Fall Style Guide with Julian Edelman


Game day fashion doesn’t have to be sweatshirts, jerseys and jeans. New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman — with the help of Cielo Brands stylists Arturo Castaneda and Stephanie Higgs — sports a “high low” or “athleisure” look that fits any setting, thanks to the NFL’s new line of lifestyle apparel ( “The high would be the suit and the low would be the t-shirt,” says Castaneda. “What’s trending now is an athleisure look which is combining actual sport apparel and sneakers with a suit or with a blazer and such.”

Suit  “We tried to go for that monochromatic look,” says Higgs. “We wanted it to match.”

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Pocket Square  “The fold that he has is a presidential fold so it’s super clean and simple,” says Castaneda. “It’s a white linen pocket square.”

Sunglasses  “Those are Ray Bans,” says Castaneda. “It’s a minimal look to balance it all out.”

Sneakers  “It’s a Common Projects. They use Italian leather for the sneaker,” says Castaneda. “It’s fully lined in leather inside and out and even the insole.”

Haircut  “It’s not something new, it’s actually a throwback if you look at it,” says Castaneda. “It’s almost a crew cut but not. It’s trendy now.”

T-shirt  “The t-shirt is a fitted t-shirt for him,” says Castaneda. “It’s a large. But if there was a bigger man who wanted that look, just scale up a size and it still fits like his does.”