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Gear Review: NIMA Sports Bluetooth Speaker


In a sea of homogenized Bluetooth speakers that blend blandly into the background, NIMA has created one that's built to take center stage...especially for football fans. The company has licensing deals with all 32 NFL teams and dozens of college football's top teams to adorn their helmet-shaped speakers with logos and appropriate colors. And sure, there's the initial thought that these are more novelty than quality. But, in this case, you'd be wrong. The sound is fantastic. The highs are spot on, the lows have some heft and the mid-range is just where we like it. It syncs up to your phone’s Bluetooth quickly and the free downloadable app offers some extra bells and whistles (hello, audio equalizer). Better yet, you can sync up two speakers to blare your favorite pre-game hype songs with confidence at your next tailgating party. We tried two and were impressed with added audio dimension it brought to the music and space. The company claims eight hours of battery life between charges, and we've found it be accurate. Depending on your needs and budget, NIMA offers these quality speakers in varying sizes (S, M, L), with prices ranging from $120-$399. The combination of great looks and sound make them ideal for an office, man cave or tailgating party. Now, bring on football season so we crank them up!

NIMA Sports Bluetooth Speaker
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