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Jack Daniel’s Debuting Tennessee Rye Whiskey in October

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s could have easily rested on its whiskey throne with complete confidence that its iconic Old No. 7 would continue to be a mainstay among tailgaters, partygoers, and those inclined to enjoy its tried-and-true spirited flavor. Instead, the 150-year-old whiskey maker is debuting Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye next month. 

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey

“Our whiskey-making process is so special, and it just makes sense for us to create our version of one of America’s first whiskeys,” said Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. “This is rye whiskey made Jack’s way. We think our grain bill provides the ideal taste and character – one that’s bold and balanced and not dominated by one flavor.”

The 90-proof rye is the distiller’s first new grain bill since Prohibition. While their regular portfolios are 80 percent corn, 12 percent malted barley, and 8 percent rye ratios, the new rye has a grain bill of 70 percent rye, 18 percent corn, 12 percent malted barley. 

Recently we were given a chance to taste their upcoming offering and the results should make rye whiskey lovers smile. The flavor is rich from beginning to end, with accents of caramel and spice followed by a warm (and we mean warm) peppery rye character finish that left us wanting more...and more. Although we loved it neat and on the rocks, at 90-proof this rye has enough kick to hold up well in a cocktail. We sampled it in an Old Fashioned and were delighted with the results. 

“Our goal with Tennessee Rye was to create a versatile whiskey with a balance of flavors that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in a classic American whiskey cocktail,” said Arnett. 

Look for it to hit shelves across the country in October, with a 750ml bottle selling for $27.