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Pick 6: Our Favorite Things for April


In each issue of Athlon Sports & Life, we pick six of our favorite things. They may be books, automobiles, gear, booze, apparel or whatever happens to be awesome. Here's what made our shortlist:

Casio G-SHOCK GBA-800 Training Timer

Casio G-SHOCK GBA-800 Training Timer

Casio’s G-SHOCK watch is legendary for its ability to take the abuse of an active lifestyle, with its resistance to nearly everything: shock, water (200-meter), low temperatures, vibration…you get the idea. But now the watchmaker is getting “smart” by adding an activity tracker built into the timepiece. It syncs up with Casio’s free phone app, allowing users to configure settings for a step count log with five exercise intensity levels, calorie calculations, and step targets. The app also displays exact location and time of day the wearer’s calories were burned. We put it through the paces, and found the measurements to be accurate, or at least on par with other fitness trackers we’ve tested. The watch’s band was both secure and flexible providing a great fit. While we prefer the black, Casio also five other color choices including white, blue and yellow.


Own The Day, Own Your Life Book

Own The Day, Own Your Life

For fans of human optimizers and life hackers like Tim Ferriss, you’ll want to read this book. It’s by Aubrey Marcus, founder and CEO of the human performance company Onnit. Marcus shares tips on nutrition, productivity, fitness and more, by way of guiding readers through the process of living one single, optimal day. Marcus takes a conversational and informative tone throughout, making it relatable to every level of reader. Many of the tips are easy to implement (try his Morning Mineral Cocktail of water, lemon and sea salt), while others (his kettlebell routine) may require more effort. In the end, the book will leave readers feeling inspired and ready to "own the day."


Hennessey Venom F5

Hennessey Venom F5

Hennessey is one of the largest independent automotive tuners in the world and has built more than 10,000 specialty vehicles including mid-engine super cars, six-wheeled super trucks, modern muscle cars with 1,000-plus horses and everything in between. This hypercar, however, is the cherry on the top of their performance sundae. It was designed and built by Hennessey with the goal of being the fastest road car on earth, with the expectation of topping 300 mph. Arming the engine with a twin turbo V8 making over 1,600 bhp is what we call "a good start." Only 24 will be built.

$1.6 million

The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet

If you’ve been carrying around that giant George Costanza wallet, it’s time for a minimalist approach. The Ridge Wallet makes for a compact carry of up to 12 cards and cash. An expandable elastic keeps cards secure between the RFID-Blocking (aka, it helps stop wireless theft) metals. Our test wallet was aluminum, but the company offers titanium ($105) and carbon fiber ($115). Colors options include black, gunmetal, navy, tan, green, and gold, and you can choose between a cash strap or money clip. And if you break it—although we’re not sure how that’s possible—it comes with a lifetime warranty.


Worx 20v Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

WORX 20v Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

Powered by a 20v rechargeable battery, this lightweight (3.7 pounds) power cleaner pulls water from any power source. We tested it out on several hard-to-reach places by carrying a three-gallon bucket of water and siphoning from it to clean the siding on our house, the mailbox, windows and anything else we could find to knock the dirt and grime off. We were surprised by how efficient it was with the water, only pulling in a half-gallon per minute. We also hooked it up to a traditional water hose and used it to successfully wash the car and outdoor patio. The multiple spray nozzle allows for various spray sizes and power can be adjusted via a two-speed control on the handle. Keep in mind it isn’t a replacement for a traditional pressure water. It has power, but it’s not a heavy-duty blaster. Still, the convenience and portability of using this for lighter jobs instead of lugging out your cumbersome pressure washer make it a must-have.