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Pick 6: Our Favorite Things for June/July


Live better with a few of our favorite things!

Personalized Wilson A2000 Glove

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Every guy who grew up playing baseball appreciates a well-made glove. They love the look, the smell of the leather, the way it feels on their hand. Now, imagine that glove adorned with your favorite MLB team's logo and colors. That's what Wilson has done with the classic A2000 series that looks great whether it's on your man-cave shelf or on your hand tossing some backyard ball. You can find ready-to-go MLB team-specific gloves through Louisville Slugger's site, or go deeper into customization at$350

Solo Weekender Backpack Duffel

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The Solo Weekender checks all the right boxes for a functional and versatile pack. Ergonomics? The padded straps and back make hauling heavy gear comfortable, while the optional handles help tote it from various sides. This is especially helpful when you convert it to a duffel bag. Ease? In addition to the handles, the yellow zipper cords are accessible and simple to zip. Space? It's functional, with slots for your laptop, tablet, sneakers, water bottle and more. Durability? It feels solid and even under stressful loads the fabric and zippers hold up. Style? It's a real chameleon, with clean lines and colors that blend in at work, in the gym, or on a road trip. For the price, you can't beat it.,(Just marked down to $51)

Danner Mountain 600 Boots

Danner Boots

These hiking boots are built tough enough for the trail and stylish enough for the street. We love the overall flexibility, grip on wet surfaces and the waterproofed full-grain leather upper that's built for years of use. Lightweight and comfortable, they can easily go from the hiking trail to lunch afterwards. And if the red laces aren't your style, swap them out with the included brown pair. Yes, these may be the best hiking boots around., $200

Craftsman 24-Oz. Flex Claw Hammer

Craftsman Claw Hammer

Versatility is the name of the game with this sturdy piece of hardware. The easy-to-adjust claw offers four unique locking positions to help you get the most leverage on any job. A magnitized spot just under the head holds a nail to spare your fingers from a stray swing on your initial strike. The rubber handle provides a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue—remember, it's 24 oz.—to your hands. And like most Craftsman tools, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Now, get out there and start building something...or tearing it apart., $30   

iHome Zenergy Sleep Therapy iZBT10 

The iZBT10 is like a Swiss Army knife for your mood. It uses light and sound therapy to help you calm down before bed and wake up energized in the morning. The lights produce various color options depending on the time day and your intended mood, while the sounds range from white noise to relaxing tonal sounds (we like Zen). Of course, even if you don't fully embrace the therapy aspect, it still works as an alarm clock, radio, nightlight and Bluetooth-enabled speaker. We recommend syncing it up with a free downloadable app to control everything., $100.

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Up Your Game! Skills, Tips, and Strategies to Achieve Total Sports Mastery

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This book should be required reading for every dad the day his kid is born. It's filled with bite-sized wisdom on how to snag an autograph from your favorite player, get better seats at a game, throw a spiral, spin a basketball on your finger, win a hockey fight, and a whole lot more., $15