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Pick 6: Our Favorite Things for March


In each issue of Athlon Sports & Life, we pick six of our favorite things. They may be books, automobiles, games, gear, booze, apparel or whatever happens to be awesome. Here's what made our shortlist this month: 

NIMA Sports Bluetooth Speaker

When you see a speaker that’s shaped like something very un-speaker-like, you immediately assume it’s more novelty than quality. But, in this case, you would be wrong. The sound coming from this football helmet-shaped speaker is phenomenal. The highs are spot on, the lows have heft and the mid-range is just where we like it. It syncs up to your phone’s Bluetooth quickly and the free downloadable app offers some extra bells and whistles (hello, audio equalizer). NIMA offers helmets for each NFL team and many popular college teams. They also offer varying sizes, with prices ranging from $120-$400. The combination of looks and sound make it ideal for an office, man cave or tailgating party., $120-$400 

NIMA Sports Bluetooth Speaker

Dean Smith: A Basketball Life

With March Madness underway, it only seems fitting to learn more about one of college basketball’s most iconic coaches. Author Jeff Davis takes readers on an examination of the life and times of the legendary University of North Carolina coach who influenced so many, including His Airness Michael Jordan. The book not only explores the coach’s greatness on the court (his teams won 879 games and two NCAA Championships), but looks back at his passions off the court, exploring his fight for integration in the South, support of gay rights and his efforts to abolish the death penalty in North Carolina. For long-time Tar Heels fans, it’s a must-read., $26

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Slumbr Pillows

Just like finding a comfortable pair of shoes, it’s important to find a pillow that fits your style if you want to get a great night’s sleep. Slumbr makes it easy by taking a quick online sleep test that quizzes you about your height, build, sleep position (side, back, stomach) and the firmness of your mattress, among others. At the completion, they match you up with a pillow that best suits those needs. We tried it, and found the recommended pillow to be a perfect match., $60-$225

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Usquaebach Old-Rare Superior Blended Flagon

The first thing you notice about this whisky is the unique porcelain crock that carries the 86-proof scotch. It looks as if it was bottled 200 years ago and calls out, “Drink me. Drink me.” So we did. And it was amazing. Sourced from over 40 casks, aged up to 30 years, Usquaebach (pronounced Oos-Ke-Bah) has produced a blended scotch that has a smoky start, spicy finish and greatness throughout. We recommend not only enjoying a glass, but also clicking the link below to learn more about its long and legendary history. But mostly, we recommend drinking it., $115 

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Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

We put these sturdy earbuds through the paces at the gym. They held securely (thanks to a snug tip and extended flexible wing that stabilizes them in your ear) even during hard runs and handled all the dripping sweat we could throw at them. We love the wireless freedom of a tangle-free cord and best of all, Bose's sonic DNA of amazing clarity and rich bass shine. Syncing to your phone via Bluetooth takes only seconds, and there’s a downloadable app that allows for more functionality. A full charge takes two hours and you’ll get about six hours of juice between charges. Overall, they’re exactly what you’d expect from Bose: superior sound., $150 

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Topical Edge Athletic Performance Lotion

This performance lotion isn’t for mall walkers, but rather athletes looking to push themselves and maximize their training. So what exactly does it do? Here’s how Topical Edge explains it: “During strenuous exercise, your muscles need more oxygen and energy than your body can deliver, leading to the production of lactic acid.…Edge combats lactic acid buildup. When applied to the muscles, our patented technology adds to your body’s own bicarbonate pool, reducing lactic acid buildup and the muscle fatigue and pain that come with it.” So, does it work? To test it, we popped open a couple of packs and immediately noticed a mildly unpleasant smell. Fortunately, the smell disappeared as soon as we slathered it on our legs. The consistency feels thick, similar to a higher SPF sunscreen. But your body will quickly absorb it, leaving no stickiness or sliminess behind. Then we set out for a long day of biking and running. To our delight, the result was zero cramping and no soreness the next day. Consider us impressed., $30 (10 pack) 

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