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Is there anyone in sports that openly admits to having cosmetic surgery?

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders

That is a sensitive subject for most TV personalities, but there are a few who openly discuss their cosmetic changes.

FOX play-by-play man Joe Buckfamously admitted to getting hair plugs in his autobiography, Lucky Bastard.

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders started using Botox following his 50th birthday. And he’s proud to admit it. “There's a tremendous evaluation that goes on internally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, when you hit 50,” Sanders says. “You want to be the best you. And I feel like I'm doing that in a plethora of ways. But when it comes to finally coming to grips and looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Wow, I got crow's feet and frown lines. What can I do about that?’ That's where Botox comes in. As an athlete, you’re always ridiculing and judging yourself. And that's the same thing when it comes to doing television.”