Michael Jordan's Net Worth

Thanks to his Charlotte Hornets ownership, His Airness is a billionaire

Earlier this year, Michael Jordan joined one of the world's most exclusive clubs. No, not People Magazine's Best Dressed List (just visit this Tumblr blog to see evidence that MJ shouldn't be allowed to pick his own clothes). 


Thanks to the skyrocketing value of NBA franchises over the last few years, MJ's 90 percent ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets earned him a spot on Forbes Magazine's list of the world's billionaires back in 2015. That's right: MJ is a part of that illustrious honor roll-slash-rogues gallery that also includes the President, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, various members of the Walton family, Oprah, Elon Musk, the Koch brothers and other achievers, inheritors, miscreants and scoundrels. With an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion, Jordan checks in at No. 1,477 on Forbes 2018 list of the world's billionaires, and to give you an idea of the worldwide wealth explosion, that ranks him as only the world's 18th-richest person named Michael, behind Bloomberg, Dell and 15 others. 


Still $1.6 billion is nothing to sneeze at and could buy MJ an awful lot of ill-fitting acid-washed jeans. 


To his credit, Jordan built a sizable fortune before he ever got into the NBA ownership game. According to Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes, Jordan earned $90 million in playing salary — amazingly, during his 15-year playing career, he was the highest-paid player in only two seasons — and added another $1.4 billion (pre-tax) from endorsements. His inflation-adjusted career earnings of $1.85 billion (and counting) make him the highest-paid athlete of all time.


That kind of scratch will cover a lot of losses on the golf course. Speaking of which — MJ is building his own private course, set to open in 2019, where he can gamble away his fortune to his heart's content. Throw in his Carolina-blue private jet and his $12.8 million dream house, and it's clear that the billionaire lifestyle fits His Airness a little better than his pants do. 


To pique your envy, enjoy this brief video highlighting the lifestyle of the richest and most famous basketball player in history.



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