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10 Coolest MLB Special Event Uniforms


Your favorite baseball team will be sporting some new threads this summer. On Tuesday, MLB unveiled its complete lineup of special event uniforms for the 2016 season. All 30 teams will wear specially designed uniforms (created by MLB working in conjunction with Majestic and New Era) for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (a first), as well Memorial Day and 4th of July. This idea also carries over to the All-Star Game in San Diego, but for now we are going to focus on the holiday-themed attire.

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With four different sets of specially designed uniforms now in play, which team’s new look stands out the most? Here are the 10 that caught my eye.

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Miami Marlins - Father's Day

The Miami Marlins’ Mother’s Day uniforms are magnificent. Alliteration aside, the pink is perfect for South Beach, and the Marlins should provide a free piña colada with every purchase (21 and older).

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San Diego Padres - Father's Day

The San Diego Padres’ Father’s Day jerseys are unrivaled in the MLB, which is fitting given their team name. This is a category they should dominate and they’re doing just that with these scuba-esque Navy uniforms.

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San Francisco Giants - Father's Day

The San Francisco Giants are the only team that elected not to use blue letters on Father’s Day and instead stuck with their traditional orange. That gamble paid off, because these uniforms are cooler than Steph Curry in the Bay Area right now.

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Los Angeles Angels - Father's Day

The Los Angeles Angels have another cool color combo for Father’s Day. Mike Trout and company will be looking fresh come June. 

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Arizona Diamondbacks - Father's Day

The Arizona Diamondbacks may have strayed the furthest from their original uniforms with these dark gray dazzlers. They may have to consider changing their standard uniforms with how good these look.

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Kansas City Royals - Memorial Day

The Kansas City Royals’ Memorial Day jerseys are simple, yet successful, just like the reigning World Series champs. Replacing the patented royal blue with the camo print makes for an instant classic.

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Philadelphia Phillies - Memorial Day

There may not be a ton of winning happening in Philadelphia this season, but the Phillies can chalk this jersey up as a W without question.

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St. Louis Cardinals - Memorial Day

The St. Louis Cardinals are often referred to by their beloved fans as the Redbirds. They may look even better in camo.

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Chicago Cubs - Independence Day (Stars and Stripes)

Sometimes, less is more. That is certainly the case with these beauties the Chicago Cubs will be donning on the 4th of July. The Cubbies already rock red, white and blue every game. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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Toronto Blue Jays - Independence Day (Stars and Stripes)

Don’t let the fact that Toronto has the coolest 4th of July jersey bother you. All of the Canadian NHL teams missed the playoffs for the first time since 1979. Our friendly, northern neighbors need this win right now.

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Honorable mentions: Washington Nationals' and Milwaukee Brewers' Independence Day (Stars and Stripes)