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10 Coolest MLB Special-Event Uniforms for 2017


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Once again, MLB teams will be making new fashion statements this spring and summer. Fans have become used to seeing different looks in conjunction with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day, but this year these specially designed uniforms will get even more exposure.

For the first time, all 30 MLB teams will wear these special-event uniforms not just on the holiday itself, but during the entirety of the weekend as well. In addition to jerseys designed by Majestic and caps by New Era, this year’s special-event looks will feature socks by Stance.

But it’s not just about making a fashion statement, as once again MLB will donate its licensed uniform royalties to specific charities connected to each holiday – Susan G. Komen (Mother's Day), Prostate Cancer Foundation (Father's Day), Stand Up to Cancer (Mother's Day and Father's Day) and MLB Charities (Memorial Day and Independence Day).

As for these new looks, which team will be the best dressed? Here are the 10 jerseys that passed this baseball’s fan eye test.

Note: jerseys are listed in chronological order and alphabetical by team

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Miami Marlins - Mother's Day

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Pink is not a color you necessarily associate with baseball, but it has become synonymous with MLB's observance of Mother's Day, which this year will be May 13-14. Not every team can wear pink well, but it just seems to fit with the Marlins. Maybe it's a South Beach vibe thing.

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Arizona Diamondbacks - Memorial Day

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This year’s Memorial Day uniform (to be worn May 27-29), including the socks, features a new ripstop woodland camouflage design. What exactly “ripstop” is I have no idea, but I do like how it and the gray work together on Arizona’s jersey. Besides “woodland” and snakes go hand in hand, right?

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Los Angeles Dodgers - Father's Day

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This may be cheating since the Dodgers’ primary color is blue, but as classic as Dodger blue is, this shade will work just fine for Clayton Kershaw and the boys over Father's Day weekend (June 17-18).

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San Francisco Giants - Father's Day

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The Giants’ Father’s Day uniform is unique in that it incorporates a color other than light blue. And in San Francisco’s case, the combination of orange and blue works well, even with the gray background. For me, it gives off a marine-like vibe, which is appropriate given AT&T Park’s waterfront location on the San Francisco Bay. (Yes I realize the Giants will be on the road Father’s Day weekend, but work with me here.)

Toronto Blue Jays - Father's Day

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Well they are the Blue Jays, so it makes sense that any shade of blue would work for our neighbors up north.

Chicago Cubs - Stars and Stripes

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For Independence Day weekend (July 1-4), teams will be rocking their “Stars and Stripes” look. And what team looks better in red, white and blue than the defending World Series champion Cubs? The stars in the C are a nice extra touch too.

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New York Yankees - Stars and Stripes

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When it comes to MLB teams and patriotic connections, it all starts with the Yankees.

Philadelphia Phillies - Stars and Stripes

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Between the stars in the logo, the stripes on the jersey and the other elements, this makes me think of fireworks. Seems perfectly appropriate given Philadelphia’s place in our nation’s history, no?

St. Louis Cardinals - Stars and Stripes

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St. Louis’ classic logo translates well for any occasion, but the stars and stripes pattern gives the iconic redbirds perched on the bat a little extra pop. And what’s more Americana than attending a game in St. Louis?

Washington Nationals - Stars and Stripes

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Last but not least, we have another team that’s tailor-made for the 4th of July. The Nationals’ history may not be near as long as that of the United States, but the team that calls our nation’s capital home looks sharp in red, white and blue.