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10 Greatest Baseball Advertising Campaigns of All-Time


10. Pepsi Max: Field of Dreams

It's hard to go wrong with anything related to one of the greatest movies of all-time. The Field of Dreams motiff worked well for Pepsi with former and current Major League Baseball players. As they find their way through the cornfields, each stumbles upon an baseball oasis stocked with plenty of Pepsi. Nostaligia much?

9. Taco Bell: Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson has been an extremely hot advertising commodity ever since the Giants won the World Series back in 2010. He has done numerous advertisements for Taco Bell, but the beard-scratching, black-ops Chalupa spot might be the best of the bunch. His quirky personality and trademark beard make for great TV.

8. FOX Saturday Baseball: Auto-Tune

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are two of the best in the business and have been broadcasting FOX Saturday Baseball for years. FOX decided to shake things up a bit when it launched a campaign to promote its weekend afternoon broadcast by putting Buck and McCarver in auto-tune. It was hilarious. In fact, it's funny whenever old people try to have serious conversation about anything in auto-tune.

7. Advil: Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan is about a tough a character as has ever stood on the mound. So Advil partnered up with the seven-time no-hitter in the late 1980s and early 90s to pitch its pain relief medicine. It isn't meant to be funny and clearly gets the point across. However, for a guy who is supposed to be so tough, why is "gentler on my stomach" so important? Just kidding, Nolan, don't Robin Ventura me, please.

6. Aflac: Yoggi Berra

Aflac Insurance combined two of the great characters of all-time when the great Yoggi Berra and the Aflac duck got together to make commercials. In his traditional Yoggi style, the old-timer delivers one-liner after one-liner while the duck quacks away. Berra's simple delivery and style make him one of the all-time great pitch-men. Pun intended.

5. Dick's Sporting Goods: Nike

Dick's Sporting Goods partnered with Nike to sell performance cleats and apparel for baseball players. Ken Griffey Jr. — aka, Swingman — David Wright and others joined the party. However, Jimmy Rollins' commercial was the best of the bunch. He takes fastballs off the chest at close range and appears to love it. Rollins did a pretty good acting job in this one and it make the commercial.

4. Nike: Chicks Dig the Long Ball

For people who do not know, Greg Maddux is one of the weirdest, most bizarre and downright hilarious professional athletes of all-time (seriously, do some reading). So Nike packaged him with Tom Glavine, home runs, women and The Big Mac in advertising gold. Just look at those glasses!

3. MLB: The Show

There have been years of excellent MLB The Show advertisements. Albert Pujols hitting anything back in 2006 comes to mind (even a hotdog). Every year, the video game makers take it to another level. But Playstation outdid even themselves when they showed what can happen to one city when you win a championship (even if it is just online).

2. MLB 2K

MLB 2k10 - Batters Vs Pitchers - Bailey Vs Cruz Trailer - Watch More Funny Videos
Much like The Show, MLB 2K has been brilliant in its ability to use players in great ad campaigns. Years of Joe Mauer, Brian Wilson and Nelson Cruz have made this yearly campaign one of the best on television. The 2010 reel featured a "Pitchers vs. Hitters" theme with Andrew Bailey and Nelson Cruz delivering one of the best.

1. Nike: Bo Knows

Yes, this campaign involved other sports like football or even hockey. But Bo Jackson and Nike’s “Bo Knows” campaign stemmed from his baseball prowess and career on the diamond. He always considered himself a baseball player and only played football as a “hobby.” Every now and then a product, a pitch man and an era come together in perfect harmony. This might be one of the greatest marketing/advertising campaigns in the history of capitalism.