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175 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

175 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

175 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Only one team will win your fantasy baseball league, but everyone can have a funny (or silly or crazy) fantasy baseball team name. These are 175 suggestions for the baseball nerds, Internet bird dogs, Sabermetric mathematician-magicians, jersey chasers and MLB Extra Innings subscribers who comprise fantasy baseball leagues around the world.

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  • Technology and Stuff
  • 50 Shade of Sonny Gray
  • 50 Cents of First Pitches
  • Hakuna Moncada
  • Soler Flares
  • Yeah Jeets
  • Jeter Del Boca Vista
  • Jeter’s Gift Baskets
  • McCann Man Code
  • CC’s MPH Diet
  • Void A-Roid
  • A-Rod Centaur
  • Short Porch Party
  • Benedict Ellsbury
  • A-Rod Handwriting Experts

Biracial Angels

Ranger Danger

Jackie Robinson West

Volkswagen #Vanlife

Prince Bigger in Texas

Dead Ted’s Head

Tampa Bay Carly Raes

Cano Mode

Barehand-relton Simmons

Wild Thing

Willie Mays Hays

JUST a Bit Outside

Crash Davis

Nuke LaLoosh

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Maybe This Year

108 Stitches

Snitches Get 108 Stitches

Man With 4 Balls Can’t Walk

99 Problems, Pitch Ain’t One

$325-Million Marlin

Sandlot Beasts

Kansas City Lordes

Blurred Foul Lines

Blurred Outfield Lines

Wrecking Ball Four

Bronx Zoo

Hackensack Bulls

Dano Grande

Light-Tower Power

Joey Bats

San Diego Rotisserie Chickens

Grand Theft Votto

Cubs Mascot Dong

I Piss Excellence

I’m CEO, You Shut Up

Kenny Powers Posse

Balco Black Sox


Slump Busters

Joe Buck Yourself

Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Déjà vu All Over Again

Springfield Isotopes

Griffey Jr.’s Tonic

Mattingly’s Sideburns

Talkin’ Baseball

New York Knights

Rockford Peaches

No Crying in Baseball

All the Way Mae

Tanaka-Knock Joke

Must Be the Mo’ne


Paleo Sandoval

Paleo Panda

Madison Budweiser

Miggy Azalea


Arms of an Angel

WAR-time Consigliere

Bob LOB Law

Crack That WHIP

VORP Speed

Mr. Kate Upton

Yoenis Envy

Yu Da Man

Dick Pole’s Staff

Chief Noc-A Homa

Dread Pirates

Outfield Fly Rule

Rusty Trumbo

Smoak a Swisher

The Bourn Supremacy

The Price is Wrong

Heady Play by Beltre

Thome Don’t Play That

Murderer’s Row

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Bay of Puigs

Flipping the Bat

Better Call Paul (Goldschmidt)

Kung Fu Pandas

Say It Aint’s Sosa

Seventh-Inning Yoga

Cleveland Steamers

Dollar Dogs

Thirsty Thursdays

Kangaroo Court

Designated Shitter

El Paso Chihuahuas

Atlanta Black Crackers

Akron RubberDucks

Bleacher Creatures

Phillie Phanatics

Rally Monkeys

Southside Southpaws

Dr. Strangeglove

Lamb Gyroballs

Prince Fielder Body Issues

Millville Meteors

Love It When They Call Me Big Papi

Notorious P.A.P.I.

Carlos Santana’s Greatest Hits

Say Hey, J-Hey

Ferguson IS the Cardinal Way

Wong Gone

Long Wong Silver

Evil Empire

Cuban Missiles

Cole Trains

Sack Up

Men of Steal

My Big Unit

Schwing! Batter Batter

Who’s Your Daddy?

Crafty Lefties

The The Angels Angels

California Penal League

Looking Illegal

1864 Rules

Three-Finger Mordecai

Old Hoss Radbourn

Cobb Co. Braves

Hall of Shamers

Hannibal Lester

Golden Sombreros

Big League Choo


Bryce Hyper

Citizen Cain

Butt Slide

PED-co Park

Come Sale Away

Green Monsters

Ballpark Franks

Grand Salami

Pete Rose’s Hall

Selig’s Pick

Bud Selig 401K

Clown Question Bros

Small Ballers

Stolen Hunter Pence Signs

Back Back Back

Chris Berman Sucks

Fire Joe Morgan

Spitball LOOGYs

Ken Burns Baseball

Hebrew Hammers

Wrigley Blue Ivy

Jay Bruce Jenner

Mookie Loves Pearl Jam

No Mas Tomas

Can the Grandy Man?

Hamilton High Dive

Fire Breathing Lamborghinis

Vin Scully’s Homeboys