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10 Amazing MLB Stats for the Week of June 24-30


Cleveland’s Jason Kipnis goes off, no one steals on the Dodgers and Cardinals, Chris Davis is still crushing it and Brandon Phillips loves the bases loaded. These and more amazing MLB stats for the week of June 24-30.

.606    Jason Kipnis’ OBP last week
In addition to batting .478 for the week, the Indians' Kipnis drew eight walks to boost his on-base percentage to .606. He scored nine runs and drove home 10.

.459    Batting average for a Cabrera in June
But it wasn’t Miguel. It was shortstop Everth of San Diego before he injured a hamstring and missed a couple of weeks. The mark was the highest average in the majors for the month.

0    Stolen Bases allowed by the Dodgers
Last week, there were just four stolen base attempts against the Dodgers and none were successful. Ben Revere — otherwise successful 80 percent of the time — was caught twice, Jimmy Rollins — successful 87 percent of the time since 2005 — was nabbed, as was Gregor Blanco of the Giants. Pitcher Stephen Fife was on the mound for three of the attempts, and A.J. Ellis was behind the plate for three.

0    Stolen Base attempts against the Cardinals
Last week, no one even tried to run on St. Louis. In June, the Cardinals allowed just two stolen bases in four attempts.

7    Times a player has finished June with 31 or more home runs
Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles homered twice on June 29 and once on June 30 to finish June with a total of 31 home runs. Barry Bonds has the highest mark with 39 in 2001. Ken Griffey Jr. is the only player to accomplish it twice.

5    Teams Without a 3-Game winning Streak in June
The St. Louis Cardinals claimed the majors’ best record throughout the month of June, but they were among the five teams that never put together a winning streak of more than two games in the entire month. The Mets, Rockies, Giants and Mariners were the others.

12-0    Record for Kansas City in June when the lineup produces four runs
The Royals’ pitchers have shown that they don’t need much support. Last month, when the offense produced four runs, it resulted in a W. The Royals were a disappointing 4-5 when the pitchers allowed exactly three runs.

.299    June batting average for the Boston Red Sox
It was the best in the majors for the month, which helped the Sox increase their lead in the AL East.

.225    June batting average for the New York Yankees
Better than only the lowly Houston Astros, the lack of hitting caused the Yankees to slip to fourth place in the AL East.

7    Hits with the bases loaded for Brandon Phillips of Cincinnati this season
In nine at-bats with the bases full this season, Phillips has six singles, a home run and 15 RBIs.

-Charlie Miller (@AthlonCharlie)