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5 Teams That Will Be Buyers at the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline


The MLB trade deadline is an important time for playoff contenders to add a key player(s) in order to bolster their team. Even just one move could be enough to make a team a serious World Series threat. Thus, take a look at some of the teams looking to make a move:

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs came into the season as one of the teams to watch, and now they are looking to make a couple vital trades. With the lead in the NL Wild Card race, another strong pitcher will be the first team focus. Adding just one quality starter will give their starting rotation a needed boost. They would become a true five-player rotation with a deal. In addition, an extra fielder will be on their radar, as they look for quality depth. They don’t need a full time replacement in the field or at the plate but getting another player would be ideal. 

Houston Astros  ​

Since the week before the All-Star break, the Astros must be a little worried about their production. They surrendered the AL West division lead to the Angels, who now seem like the team to beat there. Thus, the Astros will look to add a top pitcher to their rotation and then try to pick up a batter as well. They have plenty to offer teams in exchange, but it will be interesting to see what prospects will be dealt.

Kansas City Royals       

As the Royals maintain the best record in the AL and hope for another World Series performance, they will look to make some key upgrades. Their focus will be on another top pitching prospect and a possible upgrade in the outfield for Alex Rios. They’ll most likely remain the favorite to win the AL regardless of any moves. However, a big trade could be the difference between a World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers      

Although the Dodgers probably have the top 1-2 pitching punch in the MLB, their quest for another ace would make them ever more dangerous. Their still top contenders with their staff now, but they have the ability to add even more. If the front office lands one of the top pitchers available, such as Cueto or Hamels, then they could really take the extra step they need.

Toronto Blue Jays       

While the offense leads the MLB in runs scored, the pitching staff could use some help. They’re in contention for the AL East or a Wild Card spot, but it would be tough for them to make a real World Series run with their pitching staff. They don’t have a true ace on their staff, and their pitchers can’t be seen as completely reliable. The AL East is wide open right now, and the Orioles and Yankees will be active at the deadline. The Blue Jays need a starting pitcher for sure, and they will also be looking to add a closer as well. There can’t be continued success without a better set of pitchers.