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7 Crappy Pete Rose Commercials That May Be Better Than His Reality Show


Why So Angry?

Why is he so angry? Is he mad at his dandruff? Is he mad at Head and Shoulders? My guess is that he hopped into a time machine and watched an episode of "Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs."

Fat Guy in a Little Hat

You might think Aqua Velva's budget could afford an adult batting helmet for this commercial. But you would be wrong.


We just have one question: Why is Pete Rose in this commercial?

Triple Or Nothing?

It's great to see Pete isn't gambling anymore. Oh wait...

Joe and Pete: Together Again

Joe and Pete should hand in their man cards after this commercial.

Why Is He In A Hair Commercial?

The secret to his long career? No gray hair...and only spending $4 on his haircuts.

Where's Will.I.Am When You Need Him?

If I had a time machine, I would go back to 1976 and teach Pete Rose about auto tuning.