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Anthony Rizzo Avoids Tag With Impressive Move

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Stealing any base, especially third, is extremely difficult in the MLB because of the power and accuracy of catchers behind the plate. As Anthony Rizzo headed to third base on a steal attempt, Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki delivered a perfect throw to Daniel Murphy covering third base. In perfect position to tag Rizzo out, the Cubs star simply defied all odds, jumping out of his slide to avoid the tag.

The play seemed to be a designed hit and run, although the batter could not put the ball in play, leaving Rizzo vulnerable. Yet, Rizzo made an incredible move out of great instinct to leap away from the glove hovering around the ground. Although he didn’t advance after, he later came around to score the game-winning run in the top of the 11th inning. 

Look at the incredible slide below:

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