Astros to host 2014 Civil Rights Game

New York, NY ( - The Houston Astros have been selected to host the Civil Rights Game next season.

The Astros and Baltimore Orioles will play in the contest on May 30, 2014 at Minute Maid Park.

"I am pleased to announce the Houston Astros, who have demonstrated a substantial commitment to supporting diversity throughout our industry, as the hosts of Major League Baseball's 2014 Civil Rights Game," said commissioner Bud Selig in a statement. "The Civil Rights Game and its surrounding events are an opportunity not only for our game to honor those who have fought for equality throughout American history, but also to remind us that the battle against injustice continues. As a social institution that features unprecedented diversity of all races and ethnicities throughout our sport, we are proud to join the Astros in remembering this important era in history."

The Civil Rights Game, which began as an exhibition in Memphis back in 2007, pays tribute to one of the United States' most significant eras of social change and honors MLB's involvement in the historic struggle through which legendary African-American players broke barriers and made important contributions to American society.

Other previous hosts for the Civil Rights Game were Cincinnati in 2009-10, Atlanta in 2011-12 and the Chicago White Sox last year.

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