Cleveland Indians Channel Their Inner Taylor Swift on Twitter

While Taylor Swift performed a concert in Cleveland, the Indians' social media team took to Twitter to show their admiration for the singer while the Tribe played the Royals.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers have been at the center of attention, it was their neighbors, the Indians, who took over social media last night. In an AL Central matchup with the first-place Kansas City Royals, the social media team channeled their inner Taylor Swift on Twitter. 


The move was not random, however, as Swift was performing at the same time in Cleveland at Quicken Loans Arena, home to the Cavaliers. The team tweeted out references to several Swift songs, including "Shake It Off" and "Bad Blood," during the course of the game. While the Indians lost the game, it seems like one of those nights not to fret the loss for anybody following on Twitter.

Look below for some of the tweets during the game:



We knew Escobar and Moustakas were trouble when they walked in. KC takes 1-0 lead after 1, as Escobar doubles and Moustakas singles.


(We're not sure we're going to be able to keep this up all night, but we're going down swinging.)


Oh boy ... probably going to be some (ahem) bad blood after those #CyKluber #whiff of Rios and Infante in the 2nd.


Even without the beard, he'll never go out of style. pic.twitter.com/DECDAk43Qw



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