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Diamondbacks Have Mexican Wrestler as Official Mascot. We are So Confused.

D-backs Luchador

D-backs Luchador

The Arizona Diamondbacks have introduced D-backs Luchador (@DbacksLuchador) as an official mascot. Because why wouldn't you want your baseball team to have a Mexican wrestler to represent your franchise, right? Right? 

According to the team: The D-backs Luchador first appeared at Chase Field in June 2012, the same year that the team conducted their first Lucha Libre mask giveaway.

Lucha Libre -- literally translated as "free fighting" -- has a long, proud history within the Hispanic culture and is often said to be the second most popular sport, ranking only behind soccer.

Soon after his first sighting, the D-backs Luchador quickly became a recognizable presence throughout the ballpark, leading the team to make him a formal character in the 2013 season. Possessed with high-flying wrestling skills and a "good-guy" persona, the

D-backs Luchador is admired by children and adults alike.

Throughout 2013 season, the D-backs Luchador will be making appearances at D-backs games and community events, in addition to wrestling with Club Deportivo Coloseo at the Glendale Park and Swap.

Uh, OK, we still don't get it.