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50 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names


Baseball is almost here, which means that warmer weather is finally approaching and it’s time to name your fantasy baseball team. Former MLB hurler and pitching coach Dick Pole has inspired my squad for years, and you should be able to find your winning team name here as well. Some of your competition may go with standard names such as the Springfield Isotopes, Chico’s Bail Bonds, the Bronx Bombers (or the just as popular Yankees Suck) or Kenny Powers’ inspired names (Charros, Shelby Sensation, the Reverse Apache Master, You’re F&*&in’ Out, Myrtle Beach Mermen), but this list sticks mainly to current players. Here they are, in no particular order of awesomeness. 

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Dick Pole’s Staff
Inglourious Bastardos
G’s Up, Scott Downs
Big Wang Theory
Triple-Hawpe Brewed
The Scioscial Network (Does Mike even have Facebook?)
Hannibal Lester
Ethier Said Than Dunn
Marcum Eight (Shaun has to like the Big Lebowski.)
Cuckoo for Coco Crisp
Big league Choo
The Price Is Wrong (Sorry David, but we all love Gilmore vs. Barker)
Citizen Cain
Better Safe Than Soria
Breaking Badenhop (Not sure that Walter White has new Marlins gear.)
Smoak a Swisher
Scratch My Ichiro
I’m Rich, Litsch! (We’re sure Jesse loves the Chappelle Show.)
Bats in the Pelfrey
Horse walks into Aybar
Harang 'em High
High Plains Fister
Sam Above the Fuld
A Mighty Lind
Next of Kinsler
Grand Theft Votto
Take Maholm Tonight (Eddie Money will now pull for the Cubs.)
Chen Music
The Bourn Supremacy (Michael did lead MLB in steals.)
Honey Nut Ichiro's
Thome Don’t Play That
Out of Saito
The Yankee Clippard
Kimbrels 'n Bits
Fister-Furbush (This trade actually happened last season.)
Come Sale Away
Man walks into a Bard
Cust Out
Rusty Trumbo
Lay down the Lawrie
Yellow Brick Gload
Harper Valley OBP (baseball stat-ish, but looking forward to Bryce’s debut)
Depends on Asdrubal
Not at the Table Carlos
Cannot, Cantu
Jeters Never Prosper (but they do get undeserved Gold Gloves)
Jon Jay Jack Jim Joe
Latos Intolerant (too easy, but some Cincy fans may enjoy this one now)
The Melky Way
Less is Morrow

And a trio of retired favorites…
Julio Lugo’s Amigos
Nomar Mr. Nice Guy
The Big Hurt Locker