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How Long is a Baseball Game?

How Long is a Baseball Game?

How Long is a Baseball Game?

How long is a baseball game?

If you've ever attended a baseball game in person, you know MLB is not a game for those seeking instant gratification. Instead, a baseball game is something to be savored with a cold beer, a hot dog and enjoyed at a slower pace. In recent years, the average time of a regular nine-inning game has hovered around the three-hour mark. That time is up more than an hour, compared to games in the 1920s and 1930s. 

While many traditionalists are fine with a three-hour game, Major League Baseball has instituted several rule changes in an attempt to speed up the pace of play to attract a younger audience. And perhaps the rule changes are helping. On Opening Day 2019, 10 of 15 games were under three hours, including four that were under 2:30. Of course, the Red Sox-Mariners game lasted 3:34. So, you never know for certain until the game is over.

Still, if you find yourself at the ballpark wondering, "How long does a baseball game last?" know this: expect to be there around three hours.

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