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Indians-Cubs Rainout Allows Players to Attend Stanley Cup

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Rainouts in baseball usually provide time for extra rest for the players. Except when you play in Chicago and the Blackhawks are one game away from winning the Stanley Cup. This scenario played out for the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, so Cubs’ star first baseman Anthony Rizzo and Indians’ second baseman Jason Kipnis, who grew up in Chicago.

As much as they may have been saddened by a day off from baseball, they seemed to enjoy the Blackhawks decisive Game 6 victory. The championship win gives the Blackhawks their third Stanley Cup in six years, and their first title taken at home since 1938. The Cubs rainout also allowed fans to not miss either the Cubs or Blackhawks game. Now fans will have their attention focused on the Cubs, hoping that they can win their first World Series in over a century. 

Look below at their Tweets showcasing their excitement: