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Japanese Stars Ichiro Suzuki and Masahiro Tanaka Battle for First Time

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As veteran players near the end of their careers, it is always great to see the next generation of players competing against them, who will one day fill their void. Last night, hitting legend, Ichiro Suzuki, faced the newcomer, Masahiro Tanaka, for the first time. Both players hail from Japan, where the prior has essentially immortalized himself as a legend. Tanaka has all the skills to one day become a superstar, but it was the aging Suzuki who won last night’s battle.

Suzuki singled twice off of Tanaka, as the Marlins eked out a 2-1 victory over the Yankees. While the two players spent last year on the Yankees together, watching them square off against one another seemed more significant. Once the first Japanese position player in the MLB, Suzuki has surely paved the way for other Japanese players to come in and succeed.  

Take a look below at some highlights of the game from a Japanese news station:

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