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Jon Lester Finally Gets First Career Hit

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Everybody knows that pitchers don’t hit well. But Jon Lester really did not for his entire career up until last night. After going hitless in his previous 66 at-bats, Lester laced a single off of former teammate John Lackey. The grounder ricocheted off of him and slowly rolled towards the shortstop. However, Lester ran in easily to first base to collect his first hit in 270 career games.

Every fan in attendance knew of Lester’s woes at the plate and applauded for him as if he hit a walk off home run. While the Cubs lost 6-0 in a rain-delayed game, at least they got to see some history. It was the longest hitless streak to start a career, but he actually has a pretty solid swing, and it was about time it worked. 

Watch the historic hit below:

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