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King Felix's Son Flashes Arm Before Game

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There have been plenty of successful father-son combos in sports, ranging from Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. to Archie Manning and sons Peyton and Eli. Usually, not much is made of these family ties until the sons reach the pros, or at least college. Yet, Felix Hernandez’s six-year-old son Jeremy already has people ogling at his arm.

As part of a Father’s Day celebration hosted by the Mariners, four children of current players threw out the first pitch before the game. The first three tossed some soft lobs, but Jeremy invoked some of his father’s mannerisms. He took this pitch seriously, highlighted by his focused facial expression and full pitching motion. He rocketed the ball with strong control, gathering a loud cheer from the crowd in awe of King Felix’s son. The pitch sent the elder Hernandez back a few feet, who had to catch the heater. Maybe one day he will follow in his father’s footsteps to the Major Leagues as the heir to the throne.

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