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Kris Bryant and Matt Szczur latest rookies to homer off Clayton Kershaw

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Clayton Kershaw is having an off year. Well, an off year for a player who has won three of the past four Cy Young awards, in addition to the MVP last year. His ERA and WHIP are up from the past few seasons at 3.33 and 1.04, respectively. He’s still a very above average player with these stats and has some of the nastiest pitches in the league. Where he’s really getting blasted is in home runs, where he has already let up 11, two more than he let up all of last year. He’s on track to allow a career high, and that total has been in large part due to rookie players.

Young slugger Kris Bryant and fellow teammate Matt Szczur both launched homers off of the league’s most revered pitcher. Bryant took a usually unhittable curveball and sent it deep into right field, while Szczur homered to left center. With their home runs, they join the Brewers’ Hector Gómez and Rangers’ Joey Gallo as the MLB’s newest players to hit one off of Kershaw. Even Giants’ ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner destroyed a Kershaw pitch for a home run last month.

Take a look below at a few of the memorable home runs off of Kershaw this year:

Kris Bryant:

Joey Gallo:

Madison Bumgarner: