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What's the longest professional baseball game ever played?

This was the longest professional baseball

This was the longest professional baseball

In 1981, the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings played a Triple-A International League contest that lasted 33 innings, with eight hours and 25 minutes of playing time. The game featured 23 future or former MLB players, including future Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. and Wade Boggs. Thirty-two innings were played to a 2–2 tie on April 18, until the wee hours of Easter Sunday, April 19, before the game was postponed.

“It was windy and cold,” recalls Ripken, who went 2-for-13 at the plate for Rochester. “We had a 1–0 lead going into the ninth; they tied it up in the bottom of the ninth, 1–1. We scored in the top of the 21st; they scored in the bottom of the 21st [on an RBI by Boggs]. Then we played until the 32 innings, and they got a ruling that we were in violation of curfew. Nobody knew the curfew rule!

“We played until 4:07 in the morning. And we played a day game in Pawtucket at 1:00 [p.m.] the next day. Before I went to bed, I got breakfast. Then I did a shot on Good Morning America because there was all kinds of interest in this long game. I did about a 30-second interview and then tried to sleep for a few hours. Then we came back to the field at around 11:00 [a.m.].”

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The game resumed on June 23 — the next time Rochester was scheduled to play at Pawtucket — and needed only one more inning before Pawtucket finally won, 3–2, in the bottom of the 33rd inning.