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Nationals Draft Mariano Rivera Jr, Son of the Great Yankees Closer

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Athletic ability is at least part genetic and how you grow up, and that rings certain in the Rivera household. Mariano Rivera Jr, son of the greatest closer in MLB history, Mariano Rivera, was drafted by the Nationals in the fourth round of the MLB Draft as a pitcher. The Yankees, the team his father played for, were very high on him, after drafting him last season in the 29th round. However, Rivera took a gamble to spend another season at Iona College, which paid off well, being taken 25 rounds earlier than last year.

Although one day playing for the same team as his father would be incredible, now there is at least some relief that Yankees fan won’t be expecting that same type of Hall of Fame production. The younger Rivera looks to leave a legacy of his own, but he will certainly live in his father’s shadow for at least some time. 

Take a look below at how he plans to progress in the MLB under a legend:

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