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New Report Shows Pete Rose Bet on Baseball As a Player

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Pete Rose has been widely known as one of the MLB’s greatest and controversial players. While as a manager for the Cincinnati Reds, the team he spent most of his career with, he bet on baseball games. Gambling on one’s own sport is clearly prohibited and is considered one of the most atrocious crimes in sports. His actions led the MLB to ban him from baseball and the Hall of Fame.

He maintained that he only bet on baseball as a manager and never threw games to make money. However, a new report shows that he actually did bet on baseball as a player, something he adamantly has denied. Documents now provide evidence that during his last playing year in 1986, he bet on MLB games (in addition to other sports), including his own team. With this new information, it seems highly unlikely that Pete Rose will ever be reinstated to the MLB, which he has publicly desired for so long. 

See one of the key documents below:

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