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Oakland Athletics Call Up Switch-Pitcher

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With so many great batters in the MLB, most pitchers spend countless time and effort in perfecting their craft. They understand their strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to facing right- and left-handed batters.

Pat Venditte, however, has an answer to lefties and righties: He can pitch with both arms. The Oakland Athletics called up this one-of-a-kind pitcher today in a hope to help bolster the league’s worst bullpen in terms of ERA. Although he cannot switch arms during an at-bat due to a rule that was made because of his unique ability, he still will gain an advantage over any non-switch hitting batter. 

Whenever he pitches against a switch-hitter, it should make for an interesting series of events before the at-bat. Hopefully he gets a chance to pitch soon because everybody around the league will surely be paying close attention to this unique skill of his.  

Take a look below at Venditte pitching with both of his arms:

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