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Ozzie Guillen Walks Away From White Sox; A Look Back At Some of His Best Tweets

It is a sad day for White Sox fans. Their controversial, but always entertaining manager, Ozzie Guillen, and the Sox have ended their relationship.

Ozzie was looking for a contract extension, but Jerry Reinsdorf wasn't willing to give him one, so Ozzie asked to be released from his current contract and Reinsdorf honored his request.

And while according to sources, Guillen is going to accept a job as manager of the Florida Marlins, we sincerely hope he stays in the game. Baseball is much more interesting with Ozzie Guillen with him, that it is without him.

If the Marlins do hire Guillen, who has a career record of 678-617, they will have to send two players to the White Sox for compensation.

And while a lot of Guillen's tenure with the Sox was marred by controversy (much of it he brought on himself), it can't be forgotten that he was the only major league manager in the last 90 years to bring a world series title to Chicago. Something the baseball fans of Chicago did not give him enough credit for.

Without pointing fingers of blame at why Guillen is gone (cough, Adam Dunn, cough, Alex Rios), we'd like to look back at some of our favorite Ozzie tweets. If you're not aware of Guillen's Twitter account, you should be. He uses it as part diary, part soapbox and part megaphone for asking God to help with traffic and let everyone know about his favorite TV shows. He never held anything back, and his spanglish and sheer disdain for punctuation made it one of the most insanely great twitter accounts on the web.

Here are some of our favoriteOzzie Guillen tweets. Click on the link to see screengrabs of all of them.

Tweet: Rose is a great dirty ass player

Tweet: What's wrong with our society I am seat at home watching tv and most of the commercial are for loose weight and diet please people

Tweet: Great sammy sosa is black again yessssssss

Tweet: Be ready chitown good restaurant yes open

Tweet: I hate this traffic in arizona lord drive me crazy

Tweet: Oh my god friday traffic in Atlanta is so bad

Tweet: Lake Shore drive is a parking lot oh my god

Tweet: To those idiots i no driving joey cora is driving i not that stupids

Tweet: Is too windy

Tweet: Cake boss is great show man this is funny

Tweet: Where is my man Arsenio Hall my favorite show in the 80s

Tweet: Sometime what I say people not listen only when is some the like to talk no the good thing

Tweet: I want a corona polar president right now please this traffic lord

Tweet: Its pretty frio in California cold trying to take pictures for you guy my hair dos not move because i use kiehls get goos stuff

Tweet: Just watching the game, eating my jello