Pablo Sandoval Jumps to Hit Crazy High Pitch

On a knuckleball at the eyes, the Red Sox third baseman had to jump to hit it.

Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval has never really had great plate discipline when batting. However, he last night reached a new high – literally. In his first at bat with knuckleballer R.A. Dickey on the mound, Sandoval went airborne to swing at a pitch. The Panda had to jump in order to swing at a pitch over five feet off of the ground.


Impressively enough, Sandoval actually made contact with the eye-high pitch, although it was an easy groundout to the shortstop. The common phrase for knuckleballs goes: “if it’s high, let it fly.” It seems that Sandoval may have taken that a bit too literally. 

Watch the hit below:

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