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Phillies' Manager Ryne Sandberg Resigns

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The Phillies have baseball’s worst record with no sign of improvement. And now they’ll be without Hall of Fame manager Ryne Sandberg. After replacing Charlie Manuel as the manager late in the 2013 season, he became the permanent manager later in the year. However, the team has struggled over his tenure, going 119-159, finishing in last place in his only full season.

The struggles of the team are not completely on him, as the team has not gone out to improve the lineup or rotation very much. However, with no sign of hope for the near future, perhaps he would have been let go sometime during or after the season. In the meantime, Pete Mackanin, the team’s third base coach, will serve as interim manager. It may be too late to look for a full time replacement now, but they will surely be on the search for next season.

Enjoy this video of his first win as a manager:

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